New Year Resolutions

Saturday, December 28, 2013 0 comments
In 2014 I have a plan to turn my lifestyle into a healthy one. I'm starting the year with a whole30 straight out of the gate. This is going to be really tough for me but I think I can do it, I know I can if I really focus on it. I have a 3 month goal to lose 20 pounds. I hope will make this happen because there is a reward waiting for me at the end of that tunnel. I have no clue what the reward is, but I really want to find out.

I want to stop talking about how I am going to achieve my goals and starting acting on them. I started my running goals in 2013 but just getting 13 races in. Now I want to work on my times for different distances. I am going to first focus on getting my 5k time at 35 minutes or less. Once I hit that goal I will start to focus on my 10k time, and so on. I did a half-marathon this year and it was exciting, but now I want to sign up for that race when I know I am going to have a good time.

I want to declutter my house. I want to get rid of things we no longer use, empty boxes, just junk really. I think I am going to clean out my closet first. It has too many clothes that either don't fit or I don't like on me at all. I should just get rid of them.

I want to read more. Over the past three months or so I have really started reading for pleasure and I like it. I am currently reading The Clash of Kings from the Song of Fire and Ice Series. I can't wait to finish this series! It keeps me on the edge of my chair the entire time I am reading. I have so many books on my to-read list on that I want to read them all! I am a slow reader when it comes to books so I don't want to set out a number of books I want to read this year, I am more comfortable with the general read more goal.

This is the year that I am probably going to really focus on making myself a better person. I am going to be selfish this year. I already know it. I am going to make time to go on a three mile run because it will only take me an hour to get it done. I would love to do that three time a week and then have a longer run of 6 to 10 miles on the weekend. I am going to be weighing myself every Wednesday to make sure I am losing the weight I need to.

App Review: FitSnap

Monday, December 16, 2013 0 comments
I was approached by the creator of the app FitSnap to ask if I would like to review their application for them. I am the type of person who loves apps. The idea of the app is that you can take your pictures from your race event or exercise that you participated in (if you took some pictures) and add a nice text overlay with a brief description about what you did. For example, if I did a race and I took a picture during it, I could then add how many miles I ran, my official time and the app would automatically add my pace onto the image.

If you are interested in downloading the app feel free to click here where it will take you to iTunes where you can download it. 

Goals and Rewards

Something I decided to try is something I am really excited about. I wrote down a goal of losing 30 pounds by March 31st on the envelope. Then I asked my husband to write down some kind of reward he and I can enjoy when I reach my goal that is set on the envelope. I decided to give this a try because I have no idea what that reward is going to be. I promise I won't peek until I reach my goal. 

I have been finding it difficult to keep motivated to lose weight. With this surprise at the end I am hoping to keep going to I can get whatever is inside. Is it bad that I am hoping he will buy me a new book to read?! LOL. That is all I have been wanting to do recently. Read, read and read. 

Dear Allie, 01

Monday, December 9, 2013 0 comments
It has been a long time since you've written yourself one of these letters but it is about to become a weekly thing again. Since your last letter you have gotten a hair cut, started a new job, completed many races and ran many miles.
The hair cut; it is an asymmetrical pixie cut that was executed by a good friend of yours. You absolutely love it but are finding it difficult to style daily. Your husband is getting used to it and everyone else loves it.
Your job is amazing. You work with some great kids everyday and love helping them out, even though they can be a bit difficult to work with (ESE) you are adjusting well. 
This year you have started 15 races, completed 14 of them and completed a half-marathon. Holy cow how did you have time to do anything at all?! You initially set a weight loss goal to lose 35 pounds but you failed to even try to lose any at all. You've been focusing on your running so much but not changing your diet. With 2014 right around the corner you should focus on changing your dietary habits. You've been reading all about the Whole30 experience, why not give it a shot? What could be the harm in it? Nothing, just get through these holidays without going crazy. This year, 2014, will be the year that you should focus on your health, losing the excess weight, keeping up with your running and being the adult that you've wanted to be all along.
One of your goals that will be tranfering to 2014 is to work on getting your 5k time down to around 38 minutes. I am not signing up for the half-marathon this year because I don't want to focus on anything over 5k or 10k right now. I will be signing up for the Springtime 10k and will join the training group for it again. You plan to reach a goal of 14 races in 2014 but will gladly welcome more races.
As for now, enjoy the holidays with your family members. Get excited that you will be visiting with family from far away.

Turkey Trot 2k13

Sunday, December 1, 2013 0 comments
The Turkey Trot this year was going to be a chilly one but I don't think I anticipated how cold it would actually be. In Florida it was 30 degrees for Thanksgiving and that is one heck of a morning to try and run a 5k.
Flat Mama for the race
My race time wasn't very good based on how I have been running but that is ok. I am still working to be able to just run a 5k without stopping. Slow and steady. I don't know when I will be able to do more than a 5k right now but my focus is on running a 5k without stopping.

After completing the 5k
It was so nice to spend some time with family on Thanksgiving. I never really say it a lot but I am truly grateful that I live so close to all my family and can spend time with them. I know that I am a lucky person to have them around. They are so caring and loving no matter what.  Ryker is going learn to be grateful for being with his family all the time one day too.
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