New Year, Same Me

Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Today was weigh in day for me this week at Weight Watchers. I was pretty sure I would have gained some from last week because I wanted to make sure I was really lucky and would get a lot of money this year. To my surprise, I was down two pounds! I was really shocked at the scale tonight but I am patting myself on the back because I am trying this time. I am being mindful of my portions (especially the bad food). I am determined to make it click this time.

At the meeting tonight was pretty much a discussion about the new Freestyle program that came out last month right after Thanksgiving. I have been playing around with the new program over the holidays. I have honestly been trying to cheat the system by eating mostly zero point foods, unfortunately they still have calories. Eating four or five eggs a day will add up on the scale for me. I am rethinking how to approach the program. Instead of trying to cheat the system, I am embracing it. I am focusing on the foods that fill me up and keep me satisfied longer. When I go back to work I will bring a bag of baby carrots, a banana and an apple to each for my snacks. I typically will grab a 5 point bag of chips but I know I can do better than that! I might bring a string cheese to eat too so that I am getting a good combination of veggies/fruit and protein.

Freestyle is going to be my lifestyle. I don't want to even think of this as a diet, because it isn't. I can eat anything I want to have as long as I track it. Whether I track it or not, if I ate it I'm pretty sure it shows up on the scale every time! Focusing this week on entering everything into my tracker. I want to start the year of on the right foot!

Weight: 212.6 lbs.

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