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Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Weight Watchers is changing things up again and I am so excited to be apart of it! I don't thing anything within the program that we all know and love is going to change but things are changing slightly.  For example, we have new trackers that are called My Success Story. It is focusing on the positive (success) instead of just the numbers. They are still weighing you (obviously!) and putting your weight in your book, the guts of the book look a little different.

First the book has us write out why we are here. It is in a place that we can view often if we carry our trackers with us all the time. next it asks for our ultimate goal weight. Don't worry if you are afraid to focus on that end number right now, there is a box to check if you choose that option. Below that is a place to write things that you like to do for some "me time" when your schedule is completely free.

The booklet still has 16 weeks in it but the focus is on 4 weeks at a time. We can write in a monthly goal, so that we are keeping our goals small, specific and sustainable. We also check off the emoji of how our week went before we jump on the scale. It is nice to see that we might have had a really bad week but the scale actually goes down or vice versa. There is also room to write down what activity you want to focus on for your "me time".

The back of the book holds some pretty neat parts to creating your success story. There is a paragraph written out with some words missing. It is laid out like a mad lib, where you fill in the blanks. I can't until the 16 weeks and I can fill that in. It will be interesting to see how those words change every 16 weeks or so. There is also a place for your 5 lb. stickers and some notes on looking back on your journey. The next two pages are a wall of bravo stickers because damn those things are amazing. there are lines to describe why you got the bravo sticker. Our leader gives them to us for habit changes and I am raking up those stickers! The next thing is measurements so that you can track your progress in other ways, not just the scale!

This new book is helping us set our own course in our journey to our success in weight loss. The definition of the word success is the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals. That is one definition but everyone defines it differently based on your goals. I have incredible trouble keeping track of my food intake so when I do track all day (and correctly) I am pretty proud of myself for that success. On the other hand, tracking might come easy to my neighbor at the meeting but getting a walk in is hard. When they do get up and go they have achieved their own success. That is the great thing about individuality. No two are alike. It is pretty awesome.

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