Be the Boss of Your World | My Weight Watchers Meeting

Sunday, October 12, 2014 10 comments
This week's theme was be your own boss. My meeting was on Saturday (the last day for the week basically) and I really needed this meeting. I had initially had an awful week and assumed I had gained weight this week. I emailed my team leader to confess all that I did and how horrible I felt. I event told her I was accepting of the fact that I would walk into our meeting and know I had gained some weight. Turns out that I lost a pound! Holy Cow! How does that even work? I was so stressed out this week and ate all kinds of wrong things? It isn't even possible right?

Let's just say that my day was much brighter thanks to that loss of a pound. Our meetings was great for me because I can see that I need to set my own limits and be honest about what I need to eat and what I want to eat. I have some many obstacles to over come just to knock this weight off but I am going to push through them. I am going to climb over them and I am going to run straight at them, head on.

I know my spouse is a trigger that can challenge my weight loss. It isn't anything he is doing per say but I know I can eat anything around him and be completely comfortable. My mom is the opposite kind of trigger though. It can be tough sometimes because she has seen me fail over and over again and it just makes her disappointed every time.

As of yesterday morning:
Weight: 201.2 lb
+/- : -1.0 lb
Total: -1.4 lb
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