The Update | vol. 3

Saturday, December 13, 2014 0 comments
Over the past month a lot of things have happened. Just this past week our household has been recovering from the flu/cold. It is truly dreadful this year my friends. We have had all the symptoms and it isn't slowing down at all. Luckily no one has a fever any more and we are good to be around people, it just means that we look like we are miserable even though we actually aren't.

Over Thanksgiving break, our family had a lot of fun. My husband was able to go hunting for the fews days that hunting season opens for the short tease. My son, mother and various other family members were able to participate in the Turkey Trot 2014 this year. We all did the 5k, some ran, some walked but we all had a very good time. Later that day everyone enjoyed the scrumptious cheesy mashed potatoes that Travis and I made together.

Ryker has had a little elf visit him daily since the beginning of December. He named his elf Toby and we look for his every single morning. There have been a few days where Toby forgot that he hid in the same place the night before though. Ryker is truly enjoying the fun in looking for Toby. 

My husband and I do the Santa thing for Ryker but I wanted to share a lovely post by my friend Haley who does not do Santa with her children. You can visit the post here. I can completely understand why she does Christmas her way too. I just thought I should share her great post with you all. 

Friday Reads | Week 8

Thursday, December 11, 2014 0 comments
This week I am reading Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. It is the book I pulled out of my TBR jar for the month and I could decide if I wanted to read it first. I am about 100 pages into it and it hasn't quite hooked me yet. I have heard mixed things about the novel so I guess I am going into it with the hope to like it but the fear I won't like it at all. It is becoming a slow read for me because I am doing so much to get ready for Christmas. 
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