Letter to Myself E.05

Monday, October 22, 2012

You said you would get back into the low carb eating on Sunday. You ate carbs all day today. You could throw out your usual excuses but that would not be smart of you. You told yourself that this was going to be the time that you turned your life around and got a hold of your health. THIS was supposed to be the final restart. I am going to tell you one thing, START TOMORROW NO MATTER WHAT. Go to the grocery store, get all the low carb friendly food and stop pushing this further and further. You are only hurting yourself in the long run. You should have at least lost 20 pounds since August and you only have a mear 7 pounds to your name. That is really disappointing. Get your shit together Allison. Stop hurting yourself with carb loaded foods that only make you feel like shit later and put huge zits on your face!
I love you. That is why I am being so harsh. I want you to succeed but you need to start the journey and just keep going. When things get bored change them up a little. If you start missing fruit then add in some berries. 
Just do this one thing for yourself and you can do everything else for your family.

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