Friday Reads wk1

Friday, June 20, 2014
This Friday I am still reading Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. I have been reading this for about a week. I have about 150 pages left of it. After I finish that book I hope to start on Terry Pratchett's Going Postal or picking up something else on my TBR shelf. I pulled The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo out of the jar for this month but I don't want to read it just yet. I picked up the middle grade read by Shannon Hale because of my little cousin Lacey. She said this is one of her favorite books so I promised her I would read it. I am actually enjoying the book. I find that the struggle that Miri is going through at the academy (or even at home on the mountain) is something any 12 or 13 year old can relate to I believe. She feels like she is so worthless because she can't help out at the quarry but she doesn't fit it with the other girls at the academy.

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