Dear Allie | vol. 17

Monday, June 15, 2015
You are doing great. You tracked all your food last week. That is amazing considering that tracking is one of the toughest things for you to do, or struggle with the most. You are going to continue to track your food because you know it helps. You need to get some good groceries in the house so you have some low point items to snack on.

This week will also be great because it is a rainbow-a-thon reading challenge. You picked out enough books that I think you can finish this week. Two of them are quick reads, two are graphic novels and the last two are where you will be challenged. I have faith in you though.

  • Red
    • Under the Egg
  • Orange
    • Amulet #3: The Cloud Searchers
  • Yellow
    • Sold
  • Green
    • The Zombie Survival Guide
  • Blue
    • Saints
  • Purple
    • Earthsea
I can't wait to start reading some of these books. Many of these will also help with the Pop Sugar Challenge this year!

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