Weigh In-Sept. 16

Monday, September 17, 2012
Last Week's Weight: 198 lbs
This Week: 197.5 lbs

Weight lost: .5 lbs

Half a pound in two weeks is not great, but I didn't gain any weight. I was struggling this week to stick with my Atkins lifestyle. I found that I truly miss eating fruit, oatmeal, and rice. I want to be able to eat the foods that I enjoy and lose weight at the same time. I have purchased Bob Harper's The Skinny Rules book to help me out a little. I am slowly working to get all of my eating habits turned around. I will be cleaning out my fridge and freezer pretty soon so that I can have all the good snacks that I need to help me lose the weight.

At this weigh in my friend Nate came by to help with some at home strength training tips. At first he answered some questions concerning food but then we got down to the fun stuff. He had us warm-up and really got our blood flowing. He went through a bunch of different exercises slowly and carefully to show us exactly how to do it. He also made sure we were doing it all correctly too. He gave us some tips to add some extra weight training while we work on our cardio too. It was great to have someone come to explain these things to us. I hope we can get him to come again and maybe do a yoga session with us.

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