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Thursday, February 26, 2015
This week at my weight watchers meeting I walked in expecting to have a major gain due to the stress and poor eating choices. Turns out I lost 1 pound! I was so happy for the loss.

At my meeting we discussed the danger zones and how to take control of our challenging spaces. The most common danger zones are the supermarket, the workplace, on the road, and at home.  These four are the biggest danger zones for me. Personally, the workplace and my house are the most dangerous for me. I have trouble at my work place because I help the students in the culinary program who make our soups and lunch on Fridays for a decent price. They make it really easy for me to not need to pack my lunch EVER. This is bad because most of the soups made are full of cream. Don't even get me started on what the Friday lunches are because they are the almost always too many points.

For me to take control over my workplace danger zone I need to plan out my lunches and bring something that is appropriate for my daily points of 29. I knows that doesn't seem like a lot but it is get 49 weekly points I can eat 7 extra points a day if I use them all throughout the week. I also get to eat my activity points that I earn daily. So i can have between 29 and 40 points a day theoretically.

My other danger zone is my own house. It is a danger zone because I am a snacker and a secret eater. I will eat my own sons snacks. I know I am terrible. I guess you could say my danger zone is really the grocery store but mostly it is my house. I can go into the grocery store and buy all the right, low points, foods that I need to eat for my snacks but most of the time I won't eat them. I know some people are cringing because they think I am very wasteful. #NOREGRETS

I am really great at making plans but I am terrible at keeping them. For example, I have an organizational plan for my pantry and I was always get it organized but I can never continue to use it for some reason. That is something that I should really work on because it will be a great habit to have and it will challenge me.

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