Project 1/3 | Eating Food...Or Your Feelings?

Thursday, March 12, 2015
This week we were asked to write down a time we ate something but we weren't really hungry. I wrote down a time that happened just the day before. I am actually pretty ashamed of what I did but I should shared it with my meeting because my leader wanted to work through the exercises with actual events that have happened to us.

I was extremely nervous to share. I was afraid of all the looks I'd get. I then remembered where I was. Duh! I was in the comfort of my meeting group. There was no need for me to be afraid because these people knew where I was coming from because many (if not all) have had the same experience.

I am glad that I am speaking up so much at my meetings. I don't have much to show for going to all my meetings just yet but it is a hard road to learn new habits, especially if you feel like you are going at it alone.

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