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Thursday, March 5, 2015
This week's Weight Watchers meeting really hit home for me. It is a big area that I struggle with in my journey. We discussed who are the people we can turn to when we truly need help or encouragement. Unfortunately it usually means we want an nonjudgmental person we can turn to but many time we find that that person is judging us constantly. 

I think I am lucky that I have a friend that is doing Weight Watchers with me. She and I are able to share with each other the struggles we are having and we are honestly not judging each other because we know what each of us is going through.  I love that I am able to turn to her constantly. Unfortunately she doesn't go to the same meeting with me because our schedules are very different (i.e, she isn't a morning person at all). Love you Katie!

I am very family oriented so you would think that I could just turn to my family for support. There is no way I can truly turn to my family because it would be like the boy who cried wolf to them. My husband thinks he is helpful and supportive but many times it is not the right kind of support. I struggle with how I can tell him exactly the kind of support that I do need, but I know I need to just tell him. I would love to lean on my mother but like I said before, it is like the boy who cried wolf for her.She has seen me say one thing and do another that she can't be sure if I am going to stick with it this time or not. Usually it is the later, so she is right in her judgments. 

My action plan is to be honest with my husband and tell him exactly how he can help me. I also want to tell him what he does that hinders my journey either because of what he says or how he judges me. I think this will even bring us closer as a husband and wife because we will have that much more of a bond together. 

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