Disney 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014
My little family took a trip to Disney this past week. We left on Friday and headed home on Tuesday. We had loads of fun while we were down there. This was my son's first time at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. I think he enjoyed Animal Kingdom the most because of all the animals we got to see.
Riding the Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom
He really enjoyed seeing all the animals. I enjoyed getting 25k steps that day with my fitbit. I would have shot for the extra 5k to reach a goal of 30k in a day but I was tired by the time we got back to the resort that I couldn't walk around the lake.

The next day we went to the Magic Kingdom for my son to really ride all the rides. Unfortunately he really wanted to ride the train. We rode the train for a few stops and got off at Fantasyland because I noticed he could ride everything in that area of the park. It was perfect for us. My husband took him on the junior roller coaster, I thought he would love the thing so much that I would have to ride it but my husband said he didn't enjoy it as soon as they went around a fast corner. He had fun on the Dumbo ride though. The wait for that ride was interesting. We stood in line to get into the big circus tent. When we entered someone gave us a beeper that would light up when it was our turn to get on the ride. Inside was a nice sized playground for the kids to enjoy as they waited for a fun ride. I enjoyed it too.

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