The Update vol. 02

Sunday, August 10, 2014
This week had it's highs and lows. I thought the highs would last longer. For the last 3 weeks my son has been setting sick a lot (on and off again). We have gone to the doctor a total of 4 times during the time frame, one X-ray and one ultra sound. I am not very happy with the clinic my sons' doctor is in.

Aside from that, my son and I joined my mother-in-law on a road trip to Atlanta. We enjoyed ourselves during the visit. It was cut short though because my son got sick the first night. It was miserable for him and us. We decided to head back home the next day and to call the doctor back.

My new car freshener. I honestly only got it because it is a flower. 

Friday was really busy because we spent most of the day with to doctor or at the hospital for an ultra sound. In between all that excitement we managed to go to a local lake and feed the ducks. My son had a great time feeding them, he even fed a turtle. The geese were also very happy to have us feed them.

I think my son has started the why phase of the toddler years. He wants to know why we have to do this, why are we going there, why do I have the clean up my toys, why can't I have candy all the time? It is amazing sometimes to see what he is curious about but when Mama says do something there shouldn't be any questions asked. He will learn soon enough.

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