The Update vol. 01

Saturday, August 2, 2014
So this is The Update where I plan to update you about what has been going on in my week. I will have updates on myself, my son and probably my husband too. I hope you enjoy The Update.

This week has been quite busy. My son has been pretty sick for the past two weeks; throwing up and having so diarrhea. It has been a pretty gross two weeks in my house. Luckily I think we figured out what was wrong with him on Thursday and hopefully he will be getting back to normal asap.

Occasionally we were able to make it outside for some fun. My son loves to be outside and hanging out with nature. He is really turning into such a curious little boy. He loves watching the ants work while staying far enough away so that they won't bite him. 

Thursday was pretty eventful not only because my son had an x-ray of his tummy but my husband had an x-ray of his foot. He was working on his Jeep and it fell off the jack and onto his toe. Luckily he only broke one toe and not his entire foot.  Here is a picture of his shoe. I think he was pretty lucky. Thanks Sperry for saving his foot with your leather shoes!

Friday I went clothes shopping for a few things that are more work appropriate. I am so excited to share with you a pair of shoes that I have been dying to have but couldn't find anywhere. The cute cat shoes were found for less than $5 at Wet Seal and I am so stoked to wear this to work when school starts on August 18th!

I hope your week was pretty great. As you can see mine was very exciting and busy this week.  If you enjoyed this post let me know by leaving me a comment or tweeting about it.

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