Overcoming Time Bandits

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Last week at Weight Watchers we discussed ways of how to outsmart our time bandits. Time bandits are something that typically happen daily and if we are just take a few extra minutes in the day to be mindful of where out time is going we are beat the time bandits. I know during the summer I struggle the most with managing my time because i have a four year old who doesn't really understand that mommy needs five or ten minutes to just close her eyes and think. The first thing we focused on was identifying our own time bandits. The challenge for the week was the identify and change our time bandits. Many common culprits are channel surfing, the internet in general, checking email, Facebook, or other social medias, playing video games, and checking the news. My main culprit is the internet. I can get lost on Facebook, Youtube, and Reddit. The next thing to do is eliminate the time bandit. For me that would be setting a timer for me to be online and say, "When I finish this, I get so much time online before I should start this." It just takes a little more time for you to be aware that you should be doing something else. Once you start to recognize those time bandits and you are able to change them, it will slowly become a habit. A habit that will turn into something so easy you will never understand why you didn't do it all along.

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