Feel the Burn; Long run down the St. Marks Trail

Monday, January 21, 2013

This weeks weigh-in was short and sweet. Just mom and I because almost everyone else was out of town. My mom lost 10 pounds over these last two weeks and she looks amazing. I was to try and show you a before and after/during of her. I, on the other hand, gained 4 pounds. It didn’t help that I ate lunch before weighing in, plus the fact that Flo has come for a visit this week. UGH.
After the weigh-in I invited mom to go do my miles with me. I needed to get 9 in and she thought she’d only be able to manage 2. Uh, my mom is a badass because she stomped out 6 miles. 
My friend KT, http://puhpuhprinceharry.tumblr.com/, joined me though. You’ve seen a lot of her because we are going through our running journeys together. I think we did a really awesome job with out run. I know I am proud of us!

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