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Friday, January 25, 2013
This is the first time I have done this installment of my blog. I am trying to get my week wrapped up in this post. I hope to do these every week now. It is where I will post the instagram pictures that I want to share with you guys. Once Ryker really starts talking I will probably add some of his quotes. I might talk about the things we did that didn’t really get some talk in during the week.
This week has been amazing. We have had a few good nights where we can just sit as a family together. Here is a picture of us watching the Goodnight Show on Sprout. He always seem to have a good time together as a family. Ryker is talking so much now that we have started speech therapy. I am excited to get this cleft palate surgery past us and move on with everything.
He is starting to interact more with technology and games. He has a few games on the iPad that he can comprehend but there isn’t a ton of them. H really likes to sit with his puppy dog in the morning. He thinks they are best friends, she has other opinions.

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