Letter to Myself E.10

Monday, January 21, 2013
You have been doing amazing as you train for your half marathon. Especially since you just began your training at the beginning of the month. You are going to finish your first half marathon strong. Hopefully you will have all of your family and support there to cheer you on.

I'm so proud of you for deciding to turn your health around and make it a habit to eat healthy, nutritious foods. You may not have had a great weigh in this week but it you can stick with your new habits and lifestyle the weight will begin to melt away.

Something that you struggle with is keeping up with your home. You need to set goals to get things done around the house. It isn't fair that you get to stay home all day while your husband works. You have to get Ryker to somehow play by himself either in the living room or his bedroom.

Just keep up the amazing work you are doing now.

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