Half W2D3 Training

Sunday, January 13, 2013

  1. Pace: 19’35
  2. Weather: warm but not too warm.
  3. Distance: 8.14 miles
  4. Monthly Total: 29.35 miles

I got up on time and was pretty nervous about this run because once I got to a specific road there really wasn’t going back. just after mile 1 I started to get some really back shin splints. I almost turned around, actually I did and walked a couple steps but those steps down hill felt great. I knew I only have a few more up hill struggles but everything else would be mostly down hill. I am so glad that I kept on going. 
  • Mile 1: 19’33
  • Mile 2: 22:26
  • Mile 3: 19:30
  • Mile 4: 20:23
  • Miles 5: 18’01 (my fastest mile on this route!)
  • Mile 6: 19’10
  • Mile 7: 18’48
  • Mile 8: 18’38

after mile 6 things were so much better even though I was going through hills. I kept getting faster faster. I was pushing myself harder and harder. It felt really good. I am now excited about my half marathon and my time goal is to finish in 4 and a half hours. I just have to keep a 3 mph pace and I will be good for that!

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