I weighed in today

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I gained about 4 pounds but Flo has come around so there is that. I was proud of my mom though, she lost 10 pounds in two weeks. GO MOM! I think I will have a better weight drop at the next weigh in because Flo wont be around. 
After we weighed in, we drove to a trail that is popular in town and walked down it. I did my 9 miles today and my mom did 6 miles! Wahoo. Mom is on a roll now. 
My feet are killing me right now. While I was walking the mid-part of my foot was hurting a lot. Not quite to the ball of my foot and not at the arch either. 
Starting my new habits tomorrow. I am going to keep track of everything on MFP and with what I’ve been tracking recently I am going to be under my calories most of the time I think. 
If you have any advice on getting through the withdraws I will be experiencing this week send them my way or just some kinds words would be great!

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