Letter to Myself E.11

Monday, January 28, 2013

You have been slacking this last week on your runs. You tried to get out and do them, just not hard enough. You are going to have to rely on other people to watch Ryker so that he isn’t stuck in a stroller the whole time that you have to run. You are excited to start a training program with the Gulfwinds Track Club this week.  
You got a new fridge this weekend. That is one way you know you are an adult, excitement over new appliances. You have lots of healthy foods in there now. It is a great way to start your healthy, vegan lifestyle.
I’m so proud of you for telling Trav about you dietary choice. He only made one joke last night about where you are going to get protein from. Maybe you can make a list and put it on the new fridge. You brought this up in an adult manner instead of telling him how things are going to happen. You told him this is a choice you are making for yourself and he can join you or not. If he is going to want meant at dinner then he is going to have to make it. He sounded ok about making vegan dinners for your family. It will be nice for everyone to eat more veggies during the day. 

Plans for the week:
  • begin training for the 10k
  • plan out dinners for the week
  • pick up packet (Saturday)
  • get enough sleep (Saturday night)
  • Race time (Sunday morning)

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